About Bean

Hello & Welcome!My name is Daira,Washington DC resident, bookworm and photography fan. Self acclaimed foodie,fitness addict and just a big healthy living enthusiast. If you ask me about the perfect weekend, it would be spent picking most flavorful fresh ingredients from the local farmers market and creating the most delicious,nutritious meal that will bring many hungry friends around the table. I enjoy loud laughter and good conversation,and believe my purpose in life is to help people in any possible way. I wear many hats but most of my day is spent practicing nutrition,running a personal catering business, keeping myself in shape and hoping to leap into non-profit stardom to help provide nutrition and fitness education for children and families. With friends to see and errands to run , I do my best to spend time cooking and chasing natural light to create some good food photos that will reflect my passion for a healthy balanced meal. I am inspired by my clients and their challenges. I owe them huge respect for a decision to change their habits and develop new positive changes that will provide healthier lifestyle and happiness in many ways. Even though I am using fresh ingredients with additional fresh spices and herbs, I cannot deny love to share a good dessert recipe. I promise to deliver easy, fairly quick,healthy ideas and hope to make your table as full as mines with amazing friends and good food.
I look forward to your visit, comments, suggestions, and question.


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